woensdag 12 november 2008

Blogcandy @ Pretty Pressings!

Take a look at Claudia's blog! She's giving a great blogcandy away! She writes:

In order to win the prize i would love you to ask also for a favor in return:
1) please give your entry a number! This will make it easy for me when picking the winners AND it is accurate. All entries without numbers will be deleted. Thanks for understanding!!!
2) Subscribe to my blog newsletter by entering your email address under "Subscribe via email" on the right hand side (also for non blogger)
3) Link my blog to your blog roll. If Pretty Pressings is already linked - wonderful:-) Thank you!4) Please write a post on your blog, letting YOUR readers know about my blog candy.Leave a comment on this posting, so I can come to visit your blog, after you full filled the other points
5) i will ship in every country, i will pick the winners on 22. November 2008 10:30 am Michigan time.
Thank you so much

So give it a chance and take a look @ her blog!
Thanks Claudia!

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